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ADE 2012 Day 3: EDM Full-Throttle

ADE 2012 DAY 3 Featured ImageSo, Day Three was very busy because it got really technical for me. There were many cool opportunities to learn about the Electronic Dance Music Industry and about its players, its pitfalls and its opportunities. Everyone talked about festivals, and about moving toward harder and faster styles, and about effects of the global economy on industry trends. I now understand how managers and booking agents work, what recording studios and publishers can and cannot do for me as a music producer in the EDM genre, and I understand who is looking for new talent and their criteria for choosing new artists to work with…..


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ADE 2012 Day 2: Second Day of EDM Coolness

ADE 2012 - Day 2 Cover PhotoSo, the second day was no worse than the first, and crowds of attendees got bigger now, which makes it more fun. I saw Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Danny Tenaglia… to name a few. The pictures tell a good story. So, once you read the below news coverage, check out the photos in the gallery below – it comes with comments and annotations…..

FuseRave Revived during Amsterdam Dance Event

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Fuse Rave Is out as a New ‘Dubsteppy’ Track

Fuse Rave ADE 2012 premiere releaseOK, it’s been a long road, but I am on schedule. My blog was released on October 8, and my main goal (other than to make it safely to Holland for the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012) for WEEK #1 was to start distributing my legacy track that you know as FuseRave. It has been remixed nicely a couple of times – mostly in Canada, US and Eastern Europe – for a variety or harder and softer dance floors, but I think the most successful version of it is the one that contains the thick dubstep section. Well, behold, cuz here it is in a new form. By the way, I called it FuseRave because I think that this word represents my personal style of music – the style that suits my artistic persona and my aspirations. The ‘fuse’ part represents….. 

Week 1 Update: Overwhelmed

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Electronic Dance Music is not just about producing EDM tracks

OK, I don’t really know where to begin, but one thing is for sure: it is impossible to share your musical talents with others – in the electronic music world or otherwise – unless you possess the patience to create a system of “bells and whistles” to promote yourself. My first week since deploying this site was busy and stressful. My website is up, but there is so much to do, while I am here in Amsterdam (and it’s so cool here and therefore so difficult to focus)…

BPMstr EDM Blog site is up: Week #1

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First EDM Blog Post from Luke Kelvin

Luke Kelvin PhotoEDM (electronic dance music) is what I love, and this EDM blog is where I share my story. I was born as Alex, but when on stage, my name is Luke – Luke Kelvin, or simply BPMstr – the Artist of the Tempo. My website is finally up, and this is officially the first week of my quest to make at least three new tracks every month. Do you think I can do it? We’ll see. But I do need your help to succeed. If you take a few minutes to browse through the photo gallery included in this EDM blog below, you will know all the relevant marks in my life that lead to today’s undertaking. Or if you want the long version, please read on: my progress will be 10-fold faster if someone follows me and helps me along – and that would be you.

The story of my past life (which is not the topic of my blog) is simple and in some ways easy to relate to: I had a perfectly normal childhood for an Eastern European child: I had some fun, played ball, and got good and bad marks in school. I usually worked hard at things I did, and some of my activities I pursued with more passion than others. At the age of seven, I started learning piano and music theory,…..

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