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Artistic photo: Luke Kelvin (BPMstr) on black background wearing his signature goggles, with BPMstr official infinity logoOne day soon, I want to start working with a cool manager, a full-time booking agent and maybe a bigger label. But today, I book my own gigs and release my own music independently through my modest but cool record label called TuneDome. Starting September 2013, all BPMstr releases can be found on Beatport, Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and all other global music platforms. Thanks to *you* and thanks to these cool digital platforms, hard-beating BPMstr tracks get played by DJs and get heard by EDM fans in every country, on every continent, with over 1000 weekly downloads and growing!

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Electronic Dance Music tracks worldwide Top 100 listThere are many places to go, but a few good sites to get started are shown below. My Soundcloud channel is a really good destination because it offers some free downloads. Also, you may want to connect with me on Facebook or call/email me if you need high-res WAV copies and/or have special needs for your project or event or gig.


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