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BPMstr® | the Artist of the Tempo – Independent EDM producer/DJ

The Super-Short Version:
Dig EDM? Enjoy dance music? Love festivals? Welcome!

  • Artistic photo: Luke Kelvin (BPMstr) on black background wearing his signature goggles, with BPMstr official infinity logoINTRO… I am BPMstr® – an independent EDM producer and DJ. BPM in my name means Beats Per Minute. That’s why I am the Artist of the Tempo. Tempo drives my world. And yours! Welcome.
  • ABOUT… I don’t yet have a manager or an agent, and so I am very easy going! I just love to share my passion with others. Whatever EDM style or genre you dig, my goal is to have a good time with you!
  • HANG OUT… BPMstr.com went live in the fall of 2012 – that’s when I was ‘REBORN’ as an EDM artist: I make harder, louder EDM tracks. Dig in!
  • ENJOY… I have made music since I was a child, but I now produce electronic music. Please follow my progress, listen, read, watch, and let others know!
  • NEXT… Click a button or a link, play my tracks, visit my label site TuneDome.com and register (free) if you want to receive my updates and free merch.



The Regular-Short Version:
BPMstr.com Site Has 2 Owners – You Included!

  • Girl DJ listening to music wearing headphonesFIRST… This site belongs to me – BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo. My name is Luke Kelvin, and I am an independent Electronic Dance Music producer/DJ. TEMPO keeps me alive, and I am BPMstr because ‘BPM’ in my name means Beats Per Minute. I have played live instruments and performed since childhood, but one day in 2012, I got music gear and started making Electronic Dance Music – EDM. That’s how I was REBORN! I made this site to share my love for EDM and my music/ideas with you.
  • SECOND… This site belongs to Electronic Dance Music fans and DJ’s – you included! Love house or techno? Dig underground? Overground? Electro? Dubstep? Hardstyle? Trance? Enjoy EDM festivals and events? Great! Check out my tracks, download them (and play them if you perform!), visit my soundcloud channel, connect with me, and let’s have a good time and spread the love for EDM across this beautiful planet, together!
  • NEXT… Bookmark my site. Follow the links. Read and watch. Register (free) if you want to get my updates and free merchandize. Share the good vibes with others. Join me on my social networks, and please spread the word to help me grow as an EDM artist!



The Long Version:
I am BPMstr – the Artist of the Tempo. You Are Here Because You Love EDM. Let’s Hang Out!

  • BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin)ABOUT ME… I am BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo. This website is about my music – Electronic Dance Music (also known as EDM). My name is Luke Kelvin, and I’m an independent producer/DJ and a seasoned musician. I like to travel and I to play anywhere in the world to deliver new music sounds to you! I believe that TEMPO is what keeps me alive, and so I call myself BPMstr because ‘BPM’ in my name means Beats Per Minute. I don’t believe that EDM is a fad: I think it is here to stay forever, and that’s why I compose, produce, perform and share dance music – Electronic Dance Music.
  • I AM REAL… I don’t yet work with a manager or booking agent or a major record label, and my music is currently released on my own small label called TuneDome. So, when you are here, you are actually communicating with me – personally! This site is cool for EDM fans, party animals and for everyone who warships electronica, including festival goers, dance club freaks, party organizers, gig participants, as well as composers, disk jockeys, producers, remixers and promoters – everyone who dances to or makes all kinds of electronica – from hardstyle and dubstep and electro to house, techno or trance.
  • NO LIMITS… I love and ‘live’ dance music. So, my site and my social networks contain not only my music but also a limitless collection of related EDM content, including discussions, interviews, videos, hot album and EP releases, venue and EDM artist reviews, as well as articles and opinions covering recent and upcoming EDM tracks/songs, multimedia, event marketing, music technology, and business development in the Electronic Dance Music industry. So, please also visit me on YouTube, on Soundcloud and on my other social networks.
  • EDM top 100 tracks worldwide: sexy blonde female in white bikiniSTICK AROUND!… BPMstr.com went live in the fall of 2012. I have been part of the EDM movement for years, and I have played live instruments most of my life. Today, I exclusively produce harder, louder electronic music tracks… and I play my acoustic instruments in most of them! I built this site to reach out to you and to share my love for electronica with the world. I hope you will love this site because you are as passionate about dance music as I am. Please jump right in – click on a link below to get started. And please register (yes’ it’s free) to receive my updates and notifications of free merchandize.




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