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Intro: Luke Kelvin is BPMstr | the Artist of the Tempo

I amArtistic photo: Luke Kelvin (BPMstr) on black background wearing his signature goggles, with BPMstr official infinity logo BPMstr® (or BPMSTER if you dig vowels). My name is Luke Kelvin. I make dance music since 2012 and play real instruments in many of my DJ gigs. Presently independent, I daily seek (and find) new friends in the EDM industry for cool events, collaborations and rewarding experiences. I travel the world, love my audience, and I believe good EDM is about 3 things: TEMPO + ENERGY + NOISE. Crowds I perform to agree. Prove me wrong, and I will buy you a chocolate factory.

My Style Is My Tempo

I believe MUSIC = FREEDOM. Complex definitions of EDM styles are not for me. TEMPO defines my sound and makes my heart beat… and yours. BPM in BPMstr means Beats Per Minute – that’s why I am the Artist of the Tempo. In 2013 / 2014, my goal is to produce harder+louder tracks with elements of hard dance, electro, techno, NRG, house and dubstep – mostly in 135-155 bpm tempos. Tomorrow, I will produce something else – maybe a waltz… but I am in love with EDM for life.

Please continue reading about me below, and if you have too much extra time, you can also follow this link to read my full personal story… with some photos.

From Classical to EDM:
My Artistic Career in 200 Words

BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin)I have been part of the EDM movement most of my life, and I have played instruments and performed music since childhood. But one day in the summer of 2012, I bought music gear, learned electronic music production using Ableton, and started making my own EDM tracks and playing them in clubs: this is how I was REBORN!

Today, I am known as BPMstr® – or simply The Artist of the Tempo. I’d love to work with new labels and cool EDM deal makers. But until/unless I get into a love affair with a booking agent and a manager or a big name label, my own modest label (TuneDome) is my personal gateway into this noisy digital world: my tracks appear on all major digital platforms, including Juno, Beatport, iTunes, Amazon and others.

I am always in search of new and exciting concepts in dance music and enjoy collaborations, new EDM projects and international bookings in my EDM quest across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. I will fly anywhere and anytime to perform for you or with you! It’s easy to connect with me.

How My Audiences See Me Today

Independent. Unpredictable. Melodic. Dedicated. World citizen… To elaborate, I have a distinct sound, a habit of producing consistently loud and melodic dance tracks, and the attitude to work hard every day – I said the word ‘hard‘ again, didn’t I? – to share my music with the masses. Consider visiting the Press Releases section to get a glimpse at my recent tracks, or go to the Tracks page to see my channels on Beatport, iTunes, Juno, Soundcloud, YouTube, etc.

What Is on This EDM Website

This website is about 2 things – it is about my music and about my story of sharing my dance music with the world. Thanks for visiting, and enjoy! And if by chance you are here because you also produce dance music, please don’t hesitate to contact me about collaborating, and be sure to participate in my free professional EDM network – TuneDome, which aims to inspire, to entertain, to educate, and to unite Electronic Dance Music artists and fans around the globe. Since September 2013, TuneDome is also an independent record label.

More About My Name:
BPMstr – or BPMstEr If You Like Vowels

DJ BPMstr / BPMster official infinity logo / trademarkI believe that in music the primary ‘driving force’ is its tempo, or BPM – that’s Beats Per Minute. The tempo sets the mood and the ambiance of most songs. I like to play with the tempo during my performances and believe it creates some amazing dynamics. Check out my track The March of Attitude included in Echoes of Spacetime: Hard and Loud (EP) for a good example.

So, I call myself BPMstr (or BPMster if you’d “like to buy a vowel”), or “the Artist of the Tempo” – because this makes a statement about my artistic persona: I believe in the rhythm of life, and I believe this rhythm makes anything possible in music.

Now, a cool thing about this “BPMstr concept” is this: if you believe that tempo drives your music choices, you too could be sort-of-like a BPMstr or a BPMster… And that would make make me feel great because then it would mean that there are more of us out there who believe the same thing… and that would be simply awesome!

Contact | Booking Info

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