Luke Kelvin and Luke Kelvin’s Music Story

Looking for Luke Kelvin? It’s me!

Luke Kelvin PhotoHello, friends, I am Luke Kelvin. Never heard this name? Born as Alexander, I confess that Luke Kelvin is my stage name, which later in my stage career also became my trademark! So, today, although I am still Alexander, technically, in the world or electronic dance music (or EDM), Luke is my first name, and Kelvin is my surname, or last name, as they say in the Land of Opportunity (that’s what some people still like to call the United States of America). But my name doesn’t really matter, because as a music artist I like to call myself the Artist of the Tempo, or BPMstr (or BPMSTER if you really like vowels). I am a Dance Music (or EDM) producer and DJ. I work with energetic, faster, louder and harder electronica styles.

Luke Kelvin reborn: October 8, 2012

Luke Kelvin EDM artist/producer/DJ LogoI was “reborn” as an Electronic Dance Music artist on October 8, 2012. I was “really” born a few years earlier, naturally, but as a full-time EDM producer and DJ I came to existence around that time. Why? Because on that date (which by the way is exactly 22 years after I came to the USA as an immigrant on a flight from Rome), I shipped my first official album – album that included FuseRave, Flock, Technotracks and other awesome songs that some of you already know. These songs redefined Luke Kelvin (the hi-tech monster by day and a music enthusiast by night) as a devoded EDP producer, which is who I am today… although I confess that I am still dedicated to hi-tech and to my friends in the Silicon Valley. So, there you have it: my name is Alexander, but you should call me Luke when I am on stage – Luke Kelvin, to be exact!

From Luke Kelvin to BPMstr
a.k.a. “the Artist of the Tempo”

Artistic photo: Luke Kelvin (BPMstr) on black background wearing his signature goggles, with BPMstr official infinity logoShortly after October 12, 2012, this website went live, and Luke Kelvin’s little infinity-DJ-man logo and his steampunkish goggles became his official trademark and a lifetime commitment… while the term ‘EDM’ became synonymous with ‘life’ for Luke Kelvin.

The “BPM” part in BPMstr stands for Beats Per Minute, which – as you probably know – is how you measure the tempo of a music track. So anyway, now you kind-of know Luke’s story, and if you are up for it, here is what else you can do:

  • Check out the photo album below – it’s Luke Kelvin’s photo story of becoming BPMstr
  • Go to this site’s homepage and enjoy what Luke Kelvin has to share as an EDM artist, musician, producer, DJ and a music fan.
Cheers ~
BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin)

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