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Echoes of Spacetime: 3-track Independent EP by BPMstr on TuneDome Records

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Echoes of Spacetime: Culmination of a Wonderful Trilogy

Colorful cover art showing dark pants, yellow-orangy shirt, words hard and loud, and BPMstr (Luke Kelvin) official infinity trademark EDM logoThe independent EP Echoes of Spacetime: Hard and Loud went live on October 8 on Beatport (Exclusive) and has the worldwide release date of October 22 (2013). The well-anticipated lead track – Echoes of Spacetime – is the noisy culmination of a fantastic 13-minute hard dance trilogy: it is a multi-part hardstyle record with a surprising and amazing hard trance super-build…

Distribute Music Free on Beatport: Fresh Talent Program

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TuneDome to Distribute Your Dance Music Tracks on Beatport and Tens of Other Platforms Free

Logos of music distribution platforms Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Rhapsody, LastFM, Deezer and othersIt’s hard to describe how excited I am to announce that my own label TuneDome ( is now setting out to begin to distribute music free – EDM tracks and/or albums – on Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, LastFM, Rhapsody, Shazam and many other hot electronic dance music platforms. It’s a no-brainer…

Branding & Online Promoting for EDM Artists (BPMstr Week 5 Update)

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EDM Branding and Promoting: Course 101

I can’t say that I can rest easy now, but I feel that I have achieved a lot in 5 weeks since my EDM site – – went live. The most important question I asked myself last week is, “What is my EDM niche?” And the answers helped me define my first marketing campaign. Next, my electronic music site is fully operational (and now has the cool “black look”), and my social networks are set up and working. During Week 5, I properly configured both of my YouTube channels (it’s very important to add proper tags to your videos), and last – but certainly not least – I released TuneDome EDM Network….

How to win an iPad – we will give away 6!

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Win an iPad – The Short Version

  • How about winning this chick?! Let's start with winning an iPad first.Six (that’s 6) totally-free iPads will be given away from Jan 15 to Mar 31, 2013
  • is doing this to promote this new Electronic Dance Music website
  • Each iPad will be the December 2012 model (in stores as of January 14, 2013)
  • Your name can be entered multiple times: recommend us on several networks
  • To get started with winning one or more iPads, you need to follow these two steps (scroll down and read the Long Version if you want more details)….

BPMstr Week 3 Update: My Website Pains

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Three Weeks Since my EDM Website Went up: Staying Busy

So, my website about Electronic Dance Music is up and people can go there… that is, if I gave them a business card. Other than that, no one will know that I am an aspiring EDM producer. What now? Well, I have 2 choices: I can do nothing (like so many talented EDM producers do!) and hope that God will help me get Google rankings because I am cool, or I can roll up my sleeves and understand the inner workings of the worldwide web. I chose the second method….

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