BPMstr Gets a Cool New Look

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New Look and Feel for This Website

Building a working website is a must for an EDM producer... and it is a pain!Huge thanks to Konstantin Nakaznyy! Luke’s website got a super-nice overhaul and lots of sweet new images and features all of which were completed by Konstantin in the last few weeks. One thing we are most pleased about is the new header and the new remastered photo of Luke that appear at the top of every page.

About Konstantin Nakaznyy

Konstantin Nakaznyy photo courtesy of Lizardinc.netThis fellow is a fantastic web specialist and a user experience designer who has had the dedication and has been kind enough to offer his talent to help with many of our web marketing projects – both on this site and on TuneDome.com (our label).

We are especially happy with two things he has done here on BPMstr.com – one is the new marketing artwork for Luke that you can see everywhere AND will be used in many of our 2013 and 2014 track/album releases, and the other is the getting started section of this site (also used on TuneDome now in a very similar way), which really helps our visitors to find their way around (it’s simple, clean and really practical in helping people navigate where they want in a couple of easy clicks).

If you want to know more about Konstantin, go to his website to reach out: it’s http://www.lizardinc.net. Carry on, good friend, and many thanks for a job well done!

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