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How to win an iPad – we will give away 6!

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Win an iPad – The Short Version

  • How about winning this chick?! Let's start with winning an iPad first.Six (that’s 6) totally-free iPads will be given away from Jan 15 to Mar 31, 2013
  • is doing this to promote this new Electronic Dance Music website
  • Each iPad will be the December 2012 model (in stores as of January 14, 2013)
  • Your name can be entered multiple times: recommend us on several networks
  • To get started with winning one or more iPads, you need to follow these two steps (scroll down and read the Long Version if you want more details)….

BPMstr Week 3 Update: My Website Pains

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Three Weeks Since my EDM Website Went up: Staying Busy

So, my website about Electronic Dance Music is up and people can go there… that is, if I gave them a business card. Other than that, no one will know that I am an aspiring EDM producer. What now? Well, I have 2 choices: I can do nothing (like so many talented EDM producers do!) and hope that God will help me get Google rankings because I am cool, or I can roll up my sleeves and understand the inner workings of the worldwide web. I chose the second method….

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