Why collaborate with BPMstr

Hi, I am BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo. My name is Luke Kelvin. I released this website on October 8, 2012 to enjoy what I love most – make Electronic Dance Music (story). My background is in music (I have played piano and several classical instruments most of my life) and in business development (I have a degree in marketing). BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin)I am hungry for new and wonderful projects, and I am passionate about all genres of electronica. Because I like to stay busy, I am a good point of contact for any aspiring artist, fan, and even an industry veteran in launching a cool idea. My spirit, my background, and my dedication to the art of music can serve as wonderful resources for your next big undertaking. Please get in touch and stay in touch with me. You may start by subscribing to this blog to follow my progress on the road from ‘corporate slavery’ (I used to work for the ‘big guy’) to enjoying what I love – producing dance music tracks and helping others do the same (please also read about and participate in my TuneDome EDM Network).


How BPMstr is different

If you are a young artist who wants exposure, or if you are a pro who wants to find a refreshing new take on old projects, please reach out to me – BPMstr (or BPMster, Like this chick? She's a full-time music model - these are tattoos!if you’d “like to buy a vowel”) – to talk about your next multimedia, audiovisual, music or another creative entertainment or music education project. My knowledge of music and marketing, combined with an honest and efficient working style and punctuality, will serve you (us!) well in both writing/performing music and in working together.

Above all, I am a musician at heart, just like you or your next client or associate: I am a music producer as well as a piano and string instrument musician, and I can help make your next EDM job/project into a successful venture. Perhaps for this reason BPMstr is a proper name for me: I do things in your tempo – and that means FAST!

Last but not least, I am a licensed real estate broker and know the ins-and-outs of writing our next venue contract, studio rental agreement, or recording deal. My experience with insurance claims can also help you negotiate good coverage for your next concert, festival or promotional event.


BPMstr services | for Electronic Dance Music Producers and DJs

Below is a list of project specialties that I am happy to offer to colleagues, partners and clients:

  • Bookings: events, venue promotion, venue and artist management, ticketing
  • Composition: audiovisual arts, music, multimedia
  • Consultations: venues, events, and multimedia projects
  • Development: script, audiovisual projects, music production, remixing
  • Education: entertainment professionals, public resources, seminars, lectures
  • Entertainment Services: recording, production, performances, competitions, bookings, management
  • Events and Shows: planning, organizing, booking, promotion
  • Information Services: entertainment, education, artist ratings, venue marketing
  • Online Marketing: entertainment, DJ performances, rankings, podcasts
  • Online Resources: data/media exchange, mobile tools, entertainment, public resources
  • Production: video, audio, film, music, multimedia, Internet, royalty licensing
  • Publishing: books, magazines, articles, blogs, multimedia, sheet music
  • Recreation: social and professional networking, talent recruiting, public podcasting
  • Workshops and Seminars: music, video, audio, film, disc jockey performances


Feeling Lucky