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BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo (Luke Kelvin)This is BPMstr – Luke Kelvin. I recognize the importance of protecting the personal information you provide on or share through this website by logging in and by interacting with me (BPMsr), with members of TuneDome EDM Network, and with other site users. To protect this information, I pledge to diligently maintain the Security and Privacy Policy outlined on this page.

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Nearly every page on this site has a SECURITY/PRIVACY section in the sidebar. It has a link to this Privacy Policy and the security certificate that looks exactly like SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificatethe ‘Verified and Secured’ image shown here. In the tech world this is also known as SSL certificate: it confirms that this website maintains above-average security guidelines and has a strict privacy policy. Privacy Guidelines

  1. naintains a strict privacy policyWe will not sell, share, or trade your email address or any other information obtained from you or from your social network to/with any third party.
  2. We will store your information securely and will not allow public access to that information under any circumstances.
  3. We will notify you promptly in the event that we suspect that your information was compromised in any way.
  4. We will protect your social login information (information you use to sign in to this website through a third-party social network such as Facebook or Google) by using security methods that are deemed acceptable by the remote social network.
  5. We maintain security standards and methods which are believed to be as safe as today’s technology maximally permits. We test these standards and methods from time to time and will modify them regularly as new technologies become available.
  6. We may gather – either directly from you or through social networks you utilize – the following types of information, which assist us in communicating with you and in understanding how to make this electronic dance music website exciting, fun, and engaging:
    • Contact information (e.g., your name and email address);
    • Your location at the time you access this website;
    • Your likes and dislikes of the music that you listen to;
    • Other information you may volunteer or your social network may provide to us on your behalf, according to that network’s policies and with your direct permission only.
  7. This website utilizes a strict Opt-Out policy for sending online notifications. This means that you will be able to unsubscribe from our information database at any time, which you may do by email, by phone, by clicking on the unsubscribe link in an email we send you, or by using our contact page.
  8. We will respond promptly to any inquiry from any person or entity who believes that this Privacy Policy is insufficient or in any way fails to protect the rights of this site’s users. We encourage you to contact us at any time to discuss security or privacy concerns by using the information on the contact page on this website or in writing at the following physical street address (mailing address): 3262 Westheimer Rd #136, Houston, TX 77098.

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