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TuneDome to Distribute Your Dance Music Tracks on Beatport and Tens of Other Platforms Free

Logos of music distribution platforms Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, Rhapsody, LastFM, Deezer and othersIt’s hard to describe how excited I am to announce that my own label TuneDome (TuneDome.com) is now setting out to begin to distribute music free – EDM tracks and/or albums – on Beatport, Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, LastFM, Rhapsody, Shazam and many other hot electronic dance music platforms. It’s a no-brainer…

Background: Why I Want to Help You Distribute Music Free on Beatport, Spotify and Tons of other EDM Platforms

In a nutshell: I am ready to release my first collection of records under my “reborn” artist name BPMstr, and I decided to do this through my own label. And since I already set up TuneDome EDM Network for dance music producers (which is completely free) to promote fresh talent and to share love for EDM across the universe, I realized that it is only imperative to allow my members to also publish their cool new EDM tracks free of charge. This is why I say: why distribute your dance music for a fee when you can distribute music free on Beatport and iTunes and everywhere else through TuneDome?

Female DJ in fashin sunglasses scratching on turntable So, there we go: TuneDome is already working hard as a free non-profit hub for EDM enthusiasts – from producers and DJ’s and managers to devoted electronica fans – to help promote and distribute good dance music globally. And we are now making it possible for talented artists to distribute their latest music tracks on the leading music platforms absolutely free – simply because we want to help. From Spotify and Beatport to iTunes, LastFM and Amazon – and everyone in-between – your cool EDM tracks deserve to be heard across the dance music world.

We know how hard and how expensive and time-consuming it is to release on your own. But not if you understand that TuneDome can distribute music free and with very little pain – all you have to do is submit your finished records to us! We also know how annoying it is to deal with TuneCore and other cookie-cutter distributors and how difficult is to get approved by Beatport on your own. And we have a solution for you – Fresh Talent Program.

We will not only distribute music free for you, we will even master your tracks free of charge – don’t you love it?! So, don’t wait – the first round of the program just began: submit your tracks on TuneDome.com by completing a simple 5-minute application! You don’t even need to sign up as a member (although it is absolutely free and you are encouraged to do so).

How to Distribute Music Free (EDM tracks/albums) on Beatport, Spotify, iTunes (etc.)

OK, the easiest way to get the latest scoop is to visit this page on the TuneDome.com website. But the short summary of the Fresh Talent Program is this:

  • Nice female body with DJ headphonesWhy it’s awesome: Your music gets published free of charge and will be exposed quickly to huge audiences across the globe.
  • Track requirements: You must provide 2 or more original EDM tracks produced by you (no remixes or mash-ups) in the 135-170 BPM Range.
  • Terms: TuneDome allows you to terminate your distribution agreement at any time with a 30-day notice.
  • What you pay up-front: Nothing, zero, nihil, nada, niente!
  • How to get started: It’s easy – just follow this link to complete and submit your application on my site TuneDome.com. It will take you about 5 minutes.

EDM Cheers ~

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