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ADE 2012 Day 2: Second Day of EDM Coolness

ADE 2012 - Day 2 Cover PhotoSo, the second day was no worse than the first, and crowds of attendees got bigger now, which makes it more fun. I saw Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Danny Tenaglia… to name a few. The pictures tell a good story. So, once you read the below news coverage, check out the photos in the gallery below – it comes with comments and annotations…..

ADE 2012 DAY 2 Highlights

Chris Price – the Head of Music at | An amazing discussion about media in general, about digital media specifically, about radio, and about In the context of objectives that radio and television media firms pursue, this is about money. In the context of, this is about driving users to their website to use as opposed to Facebook. But the means are completely different. In the context of consumer interest, this is about the fact that radio lacks pictures, and how radio programs get creative to minimize the lack-of-visuals gap with their audiences. Similarly, Chris Price talked about personalization of radio (did you know that Pandora is the leader in that market?) I loved this discussion. My short interview plus the full 50-minute video discussion with Chris Price can be found here.

With Paul Oakenfold | An exciting talk jam with the king od trance. You don’t think he is the king? Well, the guy is approaching 50, but if you read some of the older interviews with today’s king of trance Armin Van Buuren, you will learn quickly that he constantly refers to Oakenfold as one of the original founding fathers of trance. One of the most interesting stories of this talk was the fact that Oakenfold played hip-hop in bars before he started playing trance on big stage. A great talk.

Hard Dance Event | I mentioned earlier that I gravitate heavily toward the harder EDM styles. I was not exaggerating – this is how I feel. For this reason, hard dance event was a lot of fun for me. The pictures tell the story, but I also will be publishing a couple of nice videos from HDE shortly. The bottom line is that harder styles in dance music are emerging rapidly, and that this wave will soon reach the united states. I look forward to it and want to be a part of this amazing phenomenon. What phenomenon? Dude(ette), let me put it this way: Headhunterz today is like Kiss was in 1972 – mark my words and let’s talk in 3 more years.

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