BPMstr EDM Blog site is up: Week #1

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First BPMstr.com EDM Blog Post from Luke Kelvin

Luke Kelvin PhotoEDM (electronic dance music) is what I love, and this EDM blog is where I share my story. I was born as Alex, but when on stage, my name is Luke – Luke Kelvin, or simply BPMstr – the Artist of the Tempo. My website BPMstr.com is finally up, and this is officially the first week of my quest to make at least three new tracks every month. Do you think I can do it? We’ll see. But I do need your help to succeed. If you take a few minutes to browse through the photo gallery included in this EDM blog below, you will know all the relevant marks in my life that lead to today’s undertaking. Or if you want the long version, please read on: my progress will be 10-fold faster if someone follows me and helps me along – and that would be you.

The story of my past life (which is not the topic of my blog) is simple and in some ways easy to relate to: I had a perfectly normal childhood for an Eastern European child: I had some fun, played ball, and got good and bad marks in school. I usually worked hard at things I did, and some of my activities I pursued with more passion than others. At the age of seven, I started learning piano and music theory,….. and then I evolved in my own strange but simple ways – a sports champ, an immigrant, a college student, a marketing specialist, and then later a real estate technology consultant, a hi-tech geek, a decent cook, and a few other things. And today, I am also doing something else – I produce music – Electronic Dance Music (also known as EDM). This is the kind of energetic dance music you hear in clubs and venues all-over the world.

So, last summer (2012) I rolled up my sleeves and did the following to get started (skip this if you don’t want to get technical): I rolled up my sleeves and tuned my bass; bought music gear, including a mixer, a couple of MIDI controllers, a keyboard; I also acquired three-way KRK studio speakers, a pair of DJ headphones, an Apple MacBook Pro; and finally, I purchased the most awesome professional music production software called Ableton.

Next Comes the Music Making

BPMstr's New Studio

Photo: BPMstr’s New Studio

The rest was a matter of several sleepless weeks, lots of caffeine, and hard-core creativity. The creativity is the easy part for me: I always come up with tunes – they come up naturally to me, and that’s how I got the idea that I need to write music. Sometimes I wake up at night when I “hear” a melody, and sometimes I sing (usually in my head) a melody that I already know well and find a cool tangent in it that I transpose into a new song. When this happens, I need to write down my idea as sheet music or record (usually whistle) it on audio. And then I need to develop this idea into a multi-track song, which I now can do with Ableton Live (thank you Ableton and thank you Jeremiah DiMatteo, who taught me how to use it!).

So, as of a couple of weeks ago, I signed up for Facebook and Google+ accounts and a few other social networks and built this WordPress website for my EDM blog. I first tried to hire this one chick to help me, but that became a travesty because she wanted five thousand dollars for her services and didn’t know left from right, and so I just installed and configured it all by myself, which was a huge pain for a slacker like myself… but I managed.

Ready to make Electronic Dance Music

Future BPMstr

Photo: This is who I want to be when I grow up

So here we go. I am all connected with the rest of the world, I know how to write music, and I am ready to get going with my little project – to become one of the best electronic music producers in the world. I think I will do well because… well, because I am serious about this. As Hunter Thompson once said, “anything worth doing is worth doing right,” and I am committed to doing just that. Please follow my progress on this site, log in to this EDM blog network to post a comment and ple-eease follow me on my social networks – this will be a HUGE motivation for me. Please give me about a week, and I will be posting my first song – here and on my YouTube channel.

Why Luke Kelvin is BPMstr

Now, one last thing: why I call myself BPMstr. This is because I believe that the defining force in music is its tempo. Tempo is measured in Beats Per Minute – hence the term BPM. So, my name is now BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo. You can also add an ‘e’ and call me BPMstEr (if “you’d like to ‘buy’ a vowel”). But I like the short version with consonants only.

My Future Posts


Photo: Amsterdam Dance Event

I will post at least one entry on this EDM blog site – an article or video or a story. This is Week #1, and so this is my first post. In the next two weeks, I will be in Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Dance Event – perhaps the best annual conference for EDM musicians. I will Tweet regularly when I am there and will have a plenty of new and exciting material to post – both for EDM lovers and for professionals.

Stay tuned, check out the photos from my past life, and please scroll down to use my social links.
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