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ADE 2012 Day 3: EDM Full-Throttle

ADE 2012 DAY 3 Featured ImageSo, Day Three was very busy because it got really technical for me. There were many cool opportunities to learn about the Electronic Dance Music Industry and about its players, its pitfalls and its opportunities. Everyone talked about festivals, and about moving toward harder and faster styles, and about effects of the global economy on industry trends. I now understand how managers and booking agents work, what recording studios and publishers can and cannot do for me as a music producer in the EDM genre, and I understand who is looking for new talent and their criteria for choosing new artists to work with…..

I would say that today was the day when I began to understand the workings of the entertainment industry, from song creation to festival management. There is only so much information a human being can absorb in 3 days, but with some general knowledge of the business environment and essential level of enthusiasm, plus some research, this wasn’t very difficult. Long story short, I learned a lot and now know what to do with the information.

Check out the photo gallery below – it has a couple of cool photos for those who simply enjoy EDM and for those who produce electronica. Also, if you are in the latter category, watch for my updates – within the next seven days I will be publishing a lot of new video materials recorded during all days of the Amsterdam Dance Event.


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