FuseRave Revived during Amsterdam Dance Event

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Fuse Rave Is out as a New ‘Dubsteppy’ Track

Fuse Rave ADE 2012 premiere releaseOK, it’s been a long road, but I am on schedule. My blog was released on October 8, and my main goal (other than to make it safely to Holland for the Amsterdam Dance Event 2012) for WEEK #1 was to start distributing my legacy track that you know as FuseRave. It has been remixed nicely a couple of times – mostly in Canada, US and Eastern Europe – for a variety or harder and softer dance floors, but I think the most successful version of it is the one that contains the thick dubstep section. Well, behold, cuz here it is in a new form. By the way, I called it FuseRave because I think that this word represents my personal style of music – the style that suits my artistic persona and my aspirations. The ‘fuse’ part represents….. music that has no boundaries and welcomes cross-genre elements, and the ‘rave’ part represents the coolness and excitement and the sense of social togetherness that I believe good dance music is supposed to convey to its audience.

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So, this song has been in the works for some time: I conceived this track’s motif and created its backbone rhythm ages ago, literally, but that was just 20 percent of my work on the fuse-rave project. The discouraging thing is that after the first ’09 release this song took on enough forms and shapes to make me wonder which version is really the most inspirational for me… and honestly I still don’t know. But now that my official website is live AND now that I am capable of producing in Ableton instead of Garage Band, I got busy with FuseRave again – probably for 19th time in my life. So, these last 7 days have been busy, and the final touches weren’t put on this song until about 9am this morning.

Msking EDM Tracks in ‘Aggressive’ Styles is Time Consuming

An interesting observation I made during producing this song is that the 16 bars of the dubstep/glitchstep beat in the middle took well over 50 percent of the time I dedicated to this project: the intricate basses, effects, and rhythm manipulations during this short section were a huge challenge for me because this required knowledge of complex digital instruments (producers call them plug-ins) that I had no idea existed (I knew about virtual instruments but didn’t know how sophisticated they can be… and now I even have favorites!).

So, my learning curve was super-steep… but it was exciting, and I think rewarding. Hell, you tell me after you hear the track! …Oh, I almost forgot. Thank you Jeremiah DiMatteo for teaching me how to use Ableton Live to produce music and for helping me get inspired by good EDM.

And now… “Dance to the sweet beat, love the bass: let BPMstr fuse this place!” And dude(ette), music is about listening, not reading. So, check out the video below and then – for music’s sakes – scroll down below and share this page with your friends and stuff!

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