Week 1 Update: Overwhelmed

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Electronic Dance Music is not just about producing EDM tracks

OK, I don’t really know where to begin, but one thing is for sure: it is impossible to share your musical talents with others – in the electronic music world or otherwise – unless you possess the patience to create a system of “bells and whistles” to promote yourself. My first week since deploying this site was busy and stressful. My website is up, but there is so much to do, while I am here in Amsterdam (and it’s so cool here and therefore so difficult to focus)…

My Priorities and Key Objectives

I need to start working on releasing TuneDome EDM Network (for EDM artists) in November, and I decided to make it a priority to push out my song before ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) begins – this means today or tomorrow (Oct 17 update: released). Then, while I am in Holland, I need to not only connect with other producers, DJ’s and managers, but also record a lot of videos, collect a lot of information about the state of affairs in the EDM world (get educated), and – of course – party a little. Finally, I must roll up my sleeves somewhere in-between these other activities and do a lot of research on beefing up my social networks: I still don’t know the first thing about Facebook or Google+, and I need to interlink this website – using a variety of tools – with all my social networks, including YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and others. So, this is going to be a difficult week.

My basic EDM To-Do list for next week

I would summarize what I intend to achieve over the next seven days as follows:

  1. Put FuseRave (my first EDM track) on YouTube
  2. Create a map of all ADE 2012 venues and locations
  3. Learn my way around Amsterdam (I forgot many things since my first 2011 trip)
  4. Establish a schedule of panels, interviews and discussions to attend (ADE spans across 4 locations that constantly have cool events, and I must prioritize and sacrifice)
  5. Survive both ADE conference and ADE program, plus HDE (Hard Dance Event, which takes place concurrently)
  6. Get enough sleep very now and then to stay alert and in control

Until next week,
BPMstr | The Artist of the Tempo

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