Social Networking Is a Pain for EDM Producers (Week 4 Update)

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Social Networking for EDM Artists: Course 101

Social Networks: and TuneDome.comIt is impossible to describe the awe I experienced when I understood how complex the social networking world has become – for electronic dance music producers and otherwise. When I was in college studying marketing and finance, I wasn’t told that I would have to be on Facebook to survive. Nor was I told that… in case I ever decide to become a music producer or a DJ, I would have to kill myself over building a Twitter account and link it to my Facebook fan page in such a way that my Tweets would appear on my timeline properly, making sure that they show the featured image correctly from the blog posts on my WordPress website. Really? All this before I become the next Paul van Dyk or Coone? WTF?….

So, this past week I spent understanding the inner workings of the social world. And yes, this is useful for you even if you have no idea how to make music. So, this world is convoluted for an electronica producer, let alone a college graduate. It would be nice to become famous overnight and then use social networks just because everyone else uses them – to-sort-of stay in touch with people. But for everyone else “there is MasterCard.”…

My Electronic Dance Music website Was a Tough Nut to Crack

So, I set up and tested – endlessly – all the social accounts I set up during the previous week (see post). And what a pain it was: I once went without sleep for 28 hours just to get my posts to appear correctly on Google+ because the NextScripts plugin was cutting off the title. And then I had trouble with the shortlinking (or short-link) service because their server was down for 3 hours… while I was testing and thinking that something is broken on my end. Seriously, this was agonizing.

In summary, my website now functions, posts to Twitter and to Facebook, and otherwise communicates with the world, tracks user likes, and allows user comments. I also tested the social log-in function extensively, and anyone can now sign in to this site using their Facebook or gMail or MSN/Hotmail or Live account (very cool).

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Every Business Person – EDM Producer or DJ or not – Must Use These Nine Social Tools/Networks to survive

And now, I basically have compiled this list of social tools that every electronic dance music professional – from EDM producer to DJ, to manager, to electronic music booking agent, to electronica record label – must have:

  1. Personal Twitter
  2. Artist Twitter
  3. Facebook Fan Page
  4. Personal Facebook
  5. Google+
  6. YouTube account
  7. FeedBurner – to provide an RSS feed of your website to others
  8. a website with YOUR OWN .com name (not a
  9. A SoundCloud account (if you are not a musician, you can do without it!)

For EDM artists the list technically goes on: there is Mixcould and Beatport, and Spotify, and lots more. But the list above is an absolute must! If you are reading this and wondering… “How the hell can I do all this before I die?” – reach out to me through this website, and I will help with answering questions.

Plan for Week 5

  1. Release more ADE Videos
  2. Master my EDM tracks 2/3
  3. Beef up my YouTube channel
  4. Work on branding
  5. Deploy TuneDome EDM Network for electronic music artists (Nov 5 update: it’s live!)

That’s about it for week 4. Like this post? Subscribe and win an iPad – I have 6 to give away. And please “remember to like” and share a couple of things from this website with your friends – my social links are now everywhere (damn it)!

Cheers ~

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My Google+ page (in new window) - please recommend it! THANK YOU My Facebook fan page (in new window) - please Like it! THANK YOU

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