We Are the Universe: Hard NRG / nu-NRG – independent single / TuneDome Records

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We Are the Universe: the ‘HARD’ Story of the Big Bang

Big Bang explosion: white and orange center on black background - CD cover art - We Are the Universe by BPMstr (BPMSTER) from TuneDome RecordsThis independent single tells an uplifting and fascinating story of the birth of our Universe – also known as The Big Bang. It went live on Oct 29 on Beatport (Exclusive) and will be released worldwide elsewhere on Nov 12 (2013)…

It is a rare three-part single that sounds like no other: each time you listen to it, you will hear a new riff or sound that you missed previously! This track offers distinct and memorable dynamics and simple lyrics that appeal to a broad international audience and entertain dance music fans who speak any language.

BPMstr - the Artist of the Tempo - Luke Kelvin - BPMstr.comWe Are the Universe brings to you unexpected, juicy overtones of hard house, hard trance and psy trance. To be enjoyed by EDM lovers everywhere, this wonderful release from TuneDome Records belongs in your collection. Watch for at least 8 more releases by BPMstr from TuneDome before the end of this year.

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▼ About Me – BPMstr | the Artist of the Tempo

DJ BPMstr / BPMster - official infinity logo / trademarkI am BPMstr® (or BPMSTER if you dig vowels) and my name is Luke Kelvin. My sound = HARD + LOUD. I produce and perform dance music since 2012, and I play live instruments in many of my gigs. I believe good EDM is about 3 things: TEMPO + ENERGY + NOISE. My global audiences agree. Prove me wrong, and I will buy you a chocolate factory.

I believe MUSIC = FREEDOM. My latest HARD+LOUD tracks run 140-155 bpm and include elements of hard dance, electro, techno, NRG and dubstep. TEMPO drives me forward and makes my heart beat… and yours. BPM in BPMstr means Beats Per Minute – that’s why I am the Artist of the Tempo.

I am an independent artist with no label contract or permanent booking agent or manager at the moment. I’d love to start working with new labels and cool EDM deal makers, but before that happens, my own modest label (TuneDome) is my personal gateway into this noisy digital world (release timeline).

I am always in search of new and exciting concepts in dance music and enjoy collaborations, new EDM projects and international bookings in my EDM quest across the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia. I will fly anywhere and anytime to perform for you or with you! It’s easy to connect with me.


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