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I am Luke Kelvin – a.k.a. BPMstr. I am happy to assist you with booking your next EDM tour in North America, Asia or Eastern Europe. I promise to review the info you submit and to get in touch with you within 72 hours if I can offer you one or more cool new gigs during your tour. I can’t guarantee bookings, but I WILL invest time in reviewing your inquiry.

Be sure you are in the right place… If you are lost and simply need my contact page, please click here. Otherwise, complete the form below: it will take you from 5 to 20 minutes, depending on how fast you type.

Privacy and Booking Fees

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I never charge fees to review your booking/tour info, and I will never share your data with others (see privacy policy). Note: if you for some reason don’t want to provide all the information that my form below requires, you can try to ask me a more specific question on my personal contact page.

Before you begin

BPMstr (that’s me – Luke Kelvin) also has several cool programs to distribute your music on Beatport, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and tons of other hot EDM music distribution platforms. These programs are available through TuneDome EDM Network – my non-profit EDM artist hub. So, you may want to take note of this link for more details.

About This Booking Questionnaire

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Your answers will help me understand your EDM tour goals and needs better and will allow me to begin making inquiries with electronica venues and promoters to assist you. I will receive this form by email immediately after you submit it. If you type your email address below correctly (as you should), you will receive an email confirmation from me within 5 minutes with these words in the subject line: “Luke Kelvin received the booking info from [your name]”.

Luke Kelvin PhotoPlease note that completing this form does not establish a binding contractual relationship with me to represent you for booking purposes. Preparing and executing such contract is the next step in the process: depending on how quickly things move, the actual agency agreement can be ready for your review and signature at some point between 2 and 10 days from today.

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