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I am BPMstr (a.k.a.BPMster if you like vowels). Inspired by the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Carl Cox, Skrillex, Tiesto and Headhunterz (in no specific order), I can’t live without my morning techno, my lunchtime electrohouse, my evening dubstep, and my midnight trance and house. Last summer, I decided that I hated having a day job, and so I tuned my old bass, switched on a dinky Yamaha keyboard, got me a Mac, and started producing music – Electronic Dance Music. This, plus support from friends and fans, gave me a chance to do something I love the most – make energetic, fun tunes. Please follow my progress from corporate slavery to simply producing cool dance tracks and helping others do the same. Please follow my progress, and please share your passion for good music with others. And if you also produce dance music, please contact me to participate in my upcoming Electronic Dance Music blog – TuneDome: I will be thrilled to feature your tracks there! (launching in November 2012 – see section ‘About Project TuneDome’ for details).

More about BPMstr and my Projects

I am “chronically addicted” to EDM – that’s Electronic Dance Music. I believe that in electronic music the primary driving force is the tempo, or BPM – that’s Beats Per Minute. So, I am still Luke Kelvin, but I now call myself BPMstr (or BPMster if you’d “like to buy a vowel”), or “the Artist of the Tempo” – because this makes a statement about my artistic persona. Now, a cool thing about this “BPMstr concept” is this: if you believe that tempo drives many (or some) of your music choices, you too could be sort-of-like a BPMstr or a BPMster… And that would make make me feel great because then it would mean that there are more of us out there who believe the same thing… and that would be simply awesome!

About Project TuneDome: an Free Network for EDM Professionals

On November 1 (2012), BPMstr rolled out TuneDome – the Electronic Dance Music Blog. TuneDome is an opportunity to talk and learn about extraordinary people and concepts in the EDM world, and also an opportunity for EDM artists to promote their tracks and ideas at no cost. Whenever we find a cool song, artist, event or a concept in the EDM (electronic dance music) industry, we will talk about it (and often will record and show related music and videos) and will publish a blog post on the TuneDome EDM Network website. For more info on TuneDome EDM Blog, you may want to visit this page.

Oh, and about Winning an iPad…

How about winning this chick?! Let's start with winning an iPad first.Everyone can use an iPad because it’s cool. Here is what you need to know:

  1. Six (that’s 6) totally-free iPads will be given away from Jan 15 to Mar 31, 2013
  2. BPMstr.com is doing this to promote this new Electronic Dance Music website
  3. Each iPad will be the December 2012 model (in stores as of January 14, 2013)
  4. Your name can be entered multiple times: recommend us on several networks
  5. To get started with winning one or more iPads, simply go to this page.

Contacting Me

The easiest way to connect with me is to go to the contact page to submit your idea, question or comment. Also, if you want to just pick up the phone and call (no solicitors please), please call any time:

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