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Echoes of Spacetime: 3-track Independent EP by BPMstr on TuneDome Records

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Echoes of Spacetime: Culmination of a Wonderful Trilogy

Colorful cover art showing dark pants, yellow-orangy shirt, words hard and loud, and BPMstr (Luke Kelvin) official infinity trademark EDM logoThe independent EP Echoes of Spacetime: Hard and Loud went live on October 8 on Beatport (Exclusive) and has the worldwide release date of October 22 (2013). The well-anticipated lead track – Echoes of Spacetime – is the noisy culmination of a fantastic 13-minute hard dance trilogy: it is a multi-part hardstyle record with a surprising and amazing hard trance super-build…

Digital Media is Mutating – Head of Music at Speaks

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Chris Price: Knows Media – the Short Version

Discussion and interview with Chris Price: the Head of Music at Last.FM

This discussion and the videos on this page are about, about Chris Price (the Head of Music at, about the nature of digital and conventional media channels, and about the effects that the rapid media evolution has had and will have on your life and on Electronic Dance Music industry. But if you have no time to read… Here is how to enjoy the cool videos on this page: there are 2 vids with Chris Price below about digital media concerning Electronic Dance Music trends – one is a 6-minute interview with Chris Price of embedded from my YouTube channel, and the other is the full 50-minute deal. You *don’t* have to be logged in to see the full video – just scroll down and click to see it…..

Not a Typical Armin Van Buuren 45-Minute Video Interview

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Armin van Buuren: an Hour of Honest Talk

Electronic Dance Music interview: Armin van Buuren Cut Through The Chase…

If you don’t have the time to read today, here is how to enjoy this supercool Armin van Buuren interview: there are 2 vids below – one is the 15-minute YouTube embed, and the other is the full 40-minute deal. You *don’t* have to be logged in to see the full video – just scroll down and click to see it…..

Armin van Buuren Digs American EDM Artists (updated)

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Armin van Buuren Digs Working with Artists from the USA

The King of Trance enjoys working with singers from the USA

Note: an expanded version of this article – with a much longer video and a longer discussion – is located here.

Talk about vocal trance? OK, this one is self-explanatory: when I was in Amsterdam for the 2012 Amsterdam Dance Event, I attended a nice one-hour-long panel with Armin van Buuren, where he talked about his career and about Electronic Dance Music trends and things that affect EDM artists and the EDM industry worldwide. During this panel, Armin shared his traveling hurdles with the audience (consisting mostly of EDM artists attending the ADE): he arrived in Amsterdam only hours before he went to the ADE on October 17…..


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ADE 2012 Day 2: Second Day of EDM Coolness

ADE 2012 - Day 2 Cover PhotoSo, the second day was no worse than the first, and crowds of attendees got bigger now, which makes it more fun. I saw Carl Cox, Josh Wink, Danny Tenaglia… to name a few. The pictures tell a good story. So, once you read the below news coverage, check out the photos in the gallery below – it comes with comments and annotations…..

ADE 2012 Day 1 (Amsterdam Dance Event)

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Amsterdam Dance Event 2012: DAY 1

ADE 2012 Begins: DAY 1And so, the Electronic Dance Music gig of the year begins. There are three things going on concurrently in town:

  • The Conference – which is the program for EDM professionals (DJ’s and producers and engineers and promoters);
  • The Festival – which is the “let’s go party til dawn” part of the gig;
  • The Hard Dance Event – which is NOT self-explanatory and is the hard-core mutant version of the two above for those who like faster and harder styles of Electronic Dance Music (e.g., Headhunterz); FYI, I strongly gravitate toward music above 140 BPM, and before too long I will release my first hard dance track (I give myself until the end of this year)…..

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