How to win an iPad – we will give away 6!

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Win an iPad – The Short Version

  • How about winning this chick?! Let's start with winning an iPad first.Six (that’s 6) totally-free iPads will be given away from Jan 15 to Mar 31, 2013
  • is doing this to promote this new Electronic Dance Music website
  • Each iPad will be the December 2012 model (in stores as of January 14, 2013)
  • Your name can be entered multiple times: recommend us on several networks
  • To get started with winning one or more iPads, you need to follow these two steps (scroll down and read the Long Version if you want more details)….
    1. Log in to this website securely one time to register, and then
    2. Recommend us on one or more of your favorite Social Network(s)

The Long Version – How to get a free iPad? Win an iPad!

Win an iPad (yes, win as in FREE)You don’t need to know why an iPad is cool – you already know. And now you will know this: winning a free 64gb iPad is easy on No purchase is required, and we really don’t sell anything anyway! We give away these iPads because we want you to help us spread the word about among your friends. So, 6 (that’s six) iPad drawings will take place from January 15, 2013 (drawing #1) and then every 15 days thereafter (drawing #6 will be on March 31, 2013). Your name can be entered multiple times to increase your chances: just read below.

Here is how to qualify to win your cool 64gb iPad: you qualify to win an iPad when you log in to this website (it’s free and secure, and you only need to log in once) *and* recommend to your friends on one or more of your favorite social networks.

Yes, your iPad will look just like this. Stop salavating: go and win your iPad!To increase your chances, you may want to recommend us on more than one network – this is because your name will be entered into each drawing as many times as the number of social recommendations you have made. For instance, if you recommended us on Facebook and on Google+ and Tweet one of our pages before January 15, your name will be entered 3 times into each of the 6 drawings. This means that you will increase your chances of winning in each drawing three-fold (and no, dude, it doesn’t mean you can win more than one iPad per drawing… but – *YES* – you can win in more than one drawing: so you CAN win more than one iPad!).

The Steps to Win Your iPad

  1. Log in to this website securely one time to register, and then
  2. Recommend us on one or more of your favorite Social Network(s)



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