BPMstr arrived in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam Dance Event 2012 promises a lot of fun for EDM artists and fans

Amsterdam in All Its Glory

Amsterdam – as usual – offers surprises and fun beyond those found elsewhere. I have arrived. The flight lasted half an hour less than usual because we were inside a stormy wind pipe blowing Eastward. So the plane was shaking bad most of the way. A stewardess walking down the isle (no, she wasn’t getting married) tripped and stepped on my foot (and as a result was risking to die of causes unrelated to bad weather or a plain crash)….

Please check out this brief collection of photos I took today. Also, these photos can be found in today’s photo album on my Facebook fan page. Jetlag is kind-a rough on me, so I won’t be writing much today, but I did take the time to put comments in the photos. Have a great day.

Once you see the photos, please spend a moment to motivate me – scroll down to use my social links… and then down some more to post a brief comment.


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